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If you're looking to buy your new or pre-owned motorcycle on finance, let us help you find the best deals available to you. To get the ball rolling, simply complete the basic information on our finance form and we'll get in touch to discuss the available options and find you the best finance deal.
Just think how much enjoyment owning a new motorcycle can provide. It's a chance to escape to new places near and far.
Here's a brief summary of the main features to let you see how flexible Black Horse Finance is to help suit your budget.

  • Finance for new and used bikes
  • Spread your repayments over 1 to 5 years
  • Choose the amount of deposit you wish to put down
  • Fixed interest rates and fixed repayments throughout the loan agreement

Just consider some of the benefits of funding your new purchase with us. Your finance is provided by Black Horse Motorcycle Finance, part of the Lloyds TSB Group, are market leaders in motorcycle finance.

Ride away today with Black Horse: As we deal direct with the Black Horse, you don’t have to wait for the cheque to clear. This means that you can take delivery of your motorcycle straight away. It’s simple, safe and convenient.

Fixed rates: Your regular repayment does not change during the course of your agreement.

Easy to arrange: There are no forms to fill in - now that's good for a start! And, you won't have to wait in that annoying queue to speak to someone you don't know in a call centre asking you loads of questions. Or indeed, spending time online ticking lots of boxes.

Quick: We can give you a finance quote and arrange your finance in a matter of minutes whilst you're still in the showroom.

No hidden charges: Black Horse documents clearly state what you have to pay for.

Wide choice of insurance products: Black Horse can also provide you with GAP insurance in case your motorcycle is stolen or written off.

So, why not ask about our finance deals before buying your next motorcycle - you may be pleased you did! Get things rolling by completing your basic information on our finance form and we'll get in touch with you to discuss the options best suited to your needs.

Finance is only available to persons aged 16 years and over, subject to status. Indemnities may be required.

Retail Protection Gap

Our 'Retail Price Protection' GAP will return you to the original position you were in when you first purchased the motorcycle for up to a maximum period of 36 months, if your motorcycle is written off and a total loss payment is made by your insurance company. Retail Price Protection GAP will pay you the difference between the amount paid out by the insurance company (or the market value of your motorcycle, whichever is the greater) and the amount of your original invoice price (or the early settlement amount if your motorcycle is subject to a finance agreement and the early settlement amount is greater than the invoice price). The maximum benefit levels are shown in the table below.

If the motorcycle is subject to a finance agreement, any payment under Retail Price Protection GAP will be paid direct to the finance company on your behalf, and if there are any excess funds, these will be sent to you direct, subject to the maximum benefit levels shown in the table below:

Motorcycle Purchase Price Retail Price Protection GAP Maximum Benefit
£0 - £15,000 £7,000
£15,001 - £25,000 £10,000

Policy exclusions and limitations may apply, a summary of which appears below. Details of all exclusions and limitations are noted in the policy, a copy of which is available on request.

Retail Protection Gap - FAQ

Our Retail Price Protection GAP product is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc. It is quick and simple to arrange and provides peace of mind.

Who can apply?

GAP cover is available:

  • To private individuals aged 16 or over who live in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • To a partnership, limited company or other legal entity, situated, and if a limited company, registered, in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Provided comprehensive or third party, fire and theft insurance is in place for the motorcycle


Finance agreements covered

Retail Price Protection GAP cover is available for motorcycles, whether subject to a finance agreement or not (with the exception of Contract Hire or Leasing agreements).

Excess cover option

You can select our additional excess cover option which will pay a contribution towards your motorcycle insurance excess up to a maximum of either £250 or £500 in the event of a total loss claim.


These are examples of the main exclusions. Details of all exclusions are noted in the policy, a copy of which is available on request. No payments can be made:

  • If the vehicle is a quad bike, or used for commercial purposes including emergency vehicles, courier or delivery vehicles. On vehicles used for road racing, rallying, off-road racing, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event. On vehicles not being driven by the insured person. On vehicles that have been modified other than accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
  • If total loss is caused by the driver being unlicensed, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If the motorcycle insurer does not make a payment.
  • On any arrears relating to the credit agreement or on any item financed under the credit agreement which does not specifically relate to the invoice price of the motorcycle.
  • On any excess under your motorcycle insurance policy or unpaid premiums thereof.
  • On any dealer fitted options, or any other extras and any amount not relating to the purchase of the motorcycle itself, with the exception of any manufacturer approved bolt-on accessories and theft alarms.


How to make a claim

You should contact the administrator on 0870 752 7086, or write to:

Black Horse Motorcycle Finance GAP Insurance,
Car Care Plan Limited,
Jubilee House,
5 Mid Point Business Park,


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